Houshou Marine宝鐘マリン

"Ahoy! Captain of the Houshou Pirates, Houshou Marine here!" "Keep 'er steady!"

Loves jewels, treasure, and money. Her dream is to become a pirate and go treasure hunting. In order to get a pirate ship, she is now stacking up money as a VTuber on the great lands, just like how the other land-lovers do (which also means she is currently just a girl cosplayer).
She acts like a big sis and sometimes seduces people like a succubus does. A sensual, femme fatale boss, and a young one, at that! (Around 17)
Her pirate outfit is just cosplay, and quite lewd when you see it that way.


July 30
Debut Stream
August 11, 2019
150 cm
hololive 3rd Generation
Akasa Ai
The plan is procure a pirate ship, set sail with you guys, and at the end of our journey remark, “My greatest treasure was this scenery and the friends we made along the way.”
Fan Name
Houshou no Ichimi (Houshou’s Pirate Crew)
Stream Tag: #マリン航海記
Fan Art: #マリンのお宝
To all the pervs out there: if you wanna set sail at full mast, Captain Marine is the only way to go!
And to all the non-pervs out there: People say I’m really entertaining, so there’s a chance that even you might enjoy my company!
Even with my ample experience, I’ve run out of life lessons to teach. That said, I’m still picking up new stuff, so you’ll always learn something new!
In particular, my advice to the unemployed or those moving jobs is sure to be right on the money.
I mean, I keep hearing about people who managed to move jobs because of me!
I’m also the proactive sort in setting up collabs and special streams, so please do come support me along with all of hololive.
Looking at and buying cute things, searching for p*rn, fantasizing, singing, dirty talk
Dating sims, shooters, fellow hololive members, vivacious ladies, and you… my lovely crew! ♡
Special Skills
Brushing teeth, drawing, mimicry


Q: Are you really 17 years old?
A: I am, believe me. (2021 is my third go-around)

Q: Are you wearing panties?
A: If I had to say, I’m panties head-to-toe.

Q: Are you wearing colored contact lenses?
A: Oh, wow. I cannot believe you would stoop to asking that out of envy toward my mesmerizing eyes. The answer is nay.

Q: Are you really a pirate?
A: Piracy isn’t restricted to just the crimes or the travels, you know. Piracy is a way of life. And my heart is always sailing the seas. And so I say, I am a pirate.

Q: What are your measurements??
A: Would you like to find out with your own hands? ❤ (One thing’s for sure: I am bodacious)

Catchphrases / Memes

I’m biding my time, my dearies.
― I don’t even say “dear” all that often, but the few times I did made people think it was my catchphrase, and it’s stuck.

― A skull-shaped cup for booze. Is wildly popular among the crew for some reason.

Maringlish/Maripanish, etc.
― When I speak a foreign language by just winging it.

Say it’s yours!
― Never. (smooth)

Petting time! Slam!!!
― The “slam” bit is SFX.

Im horny
― Self-explanatory. Taught to me by Kiryu Coco.

― That’s the score most of the time.

Heya, Marine.
― That’s “Captain Marine” to you, punk!??!?!?!

― Something you can never have enough of.

My Doctor, My Author
― My ENT doc is really, really proud of being a published author.

Aq-tan? I gave birth to that girl.
― She’s so infatuated with Minato Aqua that she believes she gave birth to her.

― Super Darling Amane Kanata. She always lends me an ear.

Overseas Sexy Guys & Ladies
― It’s how I call out to my overseas viewers. I believe with all my heart that they’re the sexiest people alive.

― A genderbent version of the captain, from the 3rd Gen Host Club stream.
Is hot, smooth, and will never say the baby is his.

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