2023.09.25 The Ultimate Maritime Collaboration! hololive production Ocean Ver. Figurine Style Easycard Collaboration

COVER Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tanigo Motoaki) has announced the hololive production collaboration with Easycard, a Taiwanese contactless smartcard for transportation. Pre-orders will start on September 27, 2023.

Easycard has been dedicated to releasing various collaborative figurine-styled Easycard, and for their recent collaboration, they will be collaborating with hololive production. Producing its world’s first hololive production figurine-styled Easycard featuring hololive production stars, Houshou Marine and Gawr Gura. This groundbreaking collaboration with a maritime theme is a dream-come-true for collectors and invites hololive production fans to stay tuned for this exciting announcement.

This project, presented by Taiwanese brand FIRM 369, is a significant venture titled hololive production Ocean Ver. Figurine Styled Easycard, and has brought two popular members, Houshou Marine and Gawr Gura, to Taiwan. The collectable figurine style Easycard has included Taiwanese elements to craft high-quality 3D embossed figurine-styled Easycard that are not only practical for daily use but also hold great collectible value.

hololive production Ocean Ver. Figurine Styled Easycard will open its first pre-order phase on September 27, 2023, on the “推推 TUETUE” platform at a price of 1,299 Taiwanese Dollars.

Are you ready to journey through Taiwan with Houshou Marine and Gawr Gura?
Set your alarms, as the ultimate maritime collaboration is about to set sail!

Pre-order Information

hololive production Ocean Ver. figurine styled Easycard (2 Versions)
-Ahoy! Houshou Marine’s Voyage
-Goomba! Gawr Gura’s Journey

Pre-order Period : September 27, 2023
Pre-order Website : Official “推推 TUETUE” Website(https://tuetuelook.com/
Price : NTD 1,299 per piece