Anya Melfissaアーニャ・メルフィッサ

"Good day! This is Anya Melfissa from hololive ID 2nd Generation."

An ancient weapon known as “Keris,” she was granted human form through a mystical ritual performed by her master.
She’s just about always sleeping or playing games. Living mostly alone for so long has made her tend to be apathetic towards things and people she’s uninterested in, but when talking about things she likes, she can be quite childlike and passionate.
Her base personality is actually apathetic, especially towards humans. Don’t let looks fool you - that’s what every foolish human always does to themselves somehow.


March 12
Debut date
December 5, 2020
147 cm
hololive Indonesia
To work hard and convince YAGOO to make a personal and BIG sleep place that I can sleep at without any care about the outside world.
Fan Name
Fan ART:#anyatelier
Good morning~ This is Anya Melfissa from hololive ID 2nd generation! I hope my contents will be to your liking. Not only me, but please also support all the other hololive ID girls as they’re all amazing and talented! Otsukris~
Regular/Specialty Streams
I love playing games! Maybe they’re games that a lot of people don’t know or play, but I tend to play what I wanna play mostly. I also love singing(working on it). Some heavy talks streams with everyone is also good.


Q: How old are you?
A: Yes.

Q: So, are you really an idol or comed-
A: I… dol… yes. Yes.

Q: What’s the meaning behind your fanmark?
A: I love sleeping and my favorite season is the autumn because it’s the best season to sleep during!

Q: Why do you sing like that?
A: It’s literally how I normally sing.

Q: Ummm… waif-
A: Friends. Know your place, dear.

Q: Introduce us to your mama & papa!
A: My most wonderful mama is @ekureea on twitter, and My dependable papa is @shin_umiushi_O on twitter! Go follow and support them!

Q: Toast?
A: Toast