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Takane Lui鷹嶺ルイ

The executive officer of Secret Society holoX.

As holoX's point of contact and the one in charge of external affairs, she is the de facto leader of the group, handling matters that the founder cannot.

While she may seem aloof and standoffish at first glance, she is a compassionate person who cares a lot for her subordinates.

Unfortunately, she is also rather prone to screwing up in crucial moments.


June 11
Debut Stream
November 27, 2021
161 ㎝
Fan Name
To become a multifaceted idol anyone can support, and to give everyone smiles and feelings of warmth!
Stream Tags : #たかねの見物
Fan Art : #Luillust
Did I Luive you waiting? (Mattakane?): Start-of-stream greeting.
I take your Luive. (Otsuluilui): End-of-stream greeting.
Did you xx, if I’m not mistakane? (xx shitakane?):
Hype Luivels rising! (Takamattekita!)
PON: Being an airhead.
*sparkle* (Ko! ☆) : The sign-off after she says something in a cool voice.
Don’t drop your water.: She frequently drops water and ruins her keyboard.
K Time: It seems she has entered Klarity mode.
Cold! / Uh… / Wha? / Did someone turn off the heating?: When she cracks a bad joke, freezing the air.
I’ll do everything I can to fulfill my dreams!
I can do my best to put smiles on faces!
I’ve only made it this far because of all my fans (Birds of my feather/Lui-tomo).
I may sometimes slip and go in the wrong direction, but I’ll try to bring you all lots of energy with lots of love, so please give me your support!
Why not come to see Takane Lui on nights you can’t sleep, or you need something to watch during your meal?
I want to be an everyday staple in your life. But you don’t have to force yourself. Enjoy this fandom at your own pace! Luv U!
Regular/Specialty Streams
Game streams, karaoke streams, variety segments, chatting streams.
Special Skills
Coming up with hellish adlib stream ideas, cooking, observing the Lui-tomo, HawkEye.
Supporting idols, collecting fragrances, namesearching, cooking.
Pickles, super-spicy foods, asparagus biscuits, singing, games, hololive, and the Lui-tomo.
Fan Mark
🥀(I can’t call myself a flower blooming in brilliance yet, but someday I want to gain enough confidence to hold my head up high.)