Omaru Polka尾丸ポルカ

“Is Polka on the dot? Yes, she is!”

A circus performer who joined hololive in hopes of becoming the ringmaster of the VTuber world.
She enjoys wowing audiences with acrobatics, and she lives by the words, "When you've decided you're gonna do something, follow through!"
Her natural charm glosses over her occasional mess-ups.


January 30
Debut Stream
August 16, 2020
153 cm
hololive 5th Generation
Kou Mashiro
Fan Name
Circus Troupe
Stream Tag: #ポルカ公演中
Fan Art: #絵まる
Specialty Streams
Surprise Streams
Idols, popcorn, gold, Shine Muscat
Special Skills
Acting, kazoo (instrument), emotionally-charged singing, coordinating outfits


Q: Po?
A: Popopo!

Q: When are your main activity times?
A: It’s always a surprise, a.k.a. “guerrilla streaming.”

Q: Where’s Polka?
A: Here’s Polka!

Q: What is a Polpeller?
A: Polka’s cowlick! Wow, it spins like a propeller!

Q: What is a kazoo?
A: A small instrument that makes cute buzzing noises! I use it during my streams! Oh, and it is NOT a vuvuzela!

Q: Why are there so many surprise streams?
A: Because I’m not cut out for schedules!

Q: What do you do for member-exclusive content?
A: Check out the videos on the channel! For example, ASMR content is posted once a month, and I update my poem blog without advanced notice!

Q: Are the Troupe and Polka one in the same?
A: Yeah, Troupe members are Polka. By supporting me, you too can become one with Polka.

Catchphrases / Memes

Where’s Polka?
― Used at the start of a stream or when Polka is suspected of being late.

― Used in morning greeting tweets.

Legend of Polka
― Polka’s personal program posted every Thursday.

― Polka’s cowlick which behaves similar to a propeller.

― A term comprised of “LMAO” (lol) and POL (Polka).

― The official title for hololive 5th Generation, used when fellow members collaborate with each other.
Originated by Polka herself, it is composed of the first two letters of each member’s name.

Vice-President of Shiranui Constructions
― The vice-president of a fictional company created within a certain video game.

Connection Investigation
― The search for those causing poor Internet connections, which began when Polka had a poor connection at the time of her live streaming debut.
It was revealed that Polka herself was the original culprit, as she had attempted to stream using a phone line, including the debut stream.

Shared Consciousness
― Polka and her Troupe (the audience) are of one being: Polka is her Troupe, and the Troupe is Polka.

Emotional Roller Coaster
― Alternating between states of high energy and calm.
Polka often goes from being an energetic chatterbox to composed conversationalist.

Guerrilla Stream Queen
― Polka’s erratic streaming “schedule” means that she can appear on time, barely in time, or sometimes out of nowhere.

Super Chat Song
― A song played as background music when reading Super Chats.