Moona Hoshinovaムーナ・ホシノヴァ

"Moon Moon~ Moona Dayo!"

A college girl who works as a model and idol, but later got interested to become a VTuber too.
On some rare occasion, Moona’s stream might be visited by Moona’s “another personality,”Hoshinova. That has deeper big sister-like voices and sadistic tendesion. Pay attention to her streams to meet Hoshinova!


February 15
Debut Stream
April 11, 2020
hololive Indonesia
I want to produce more music and making my own concert, it would be great if my music can hit top 10 in the world!
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #MoonA_Live
Fan Art: #HoshinovArt
Singing: #MoonUtau
Meme: #GrassMoona
Minecraft: #MoonArchitect
Hello! I’m Moona Hoshinova! I’m from hololive Indonesia Generation 1!
I love music! So I’m usually humming in my stream! Singing in random lyrics is my favorite thing!
Nice to meet you! I hope you like my stream!
Regular/Specialty Streams
I love playing games, mostly a building game. I love singing a kind of Ballad song. I also love making Dad Jokes and Memes on Twitter. You can say that I’m pretty random. Some said that my laugh sounds like a dolphin, well I guess that’s my perks.


Q: Are you a comedian?
A: No, I’m an Idol.

Q: Why do you always do a midnight stream?
A: Because the Moon doesn’t sleep at night.

Q: Do you always stream on schedule?
A: Not exactly, sometimes i do a guerilla… endurance.

Q: Why you sometimes have a different voice?
A: Because there are 2 people in this body, Moona and Hoshinova. If you heard a high pitch like a kids, probably that’s Moona. But if you heard a low pitch like a big sister, probably that’s Hoshinova

Q: What is your fan name?
A: The name is Moonafic, it’s from Moona Fanatic. Not from indonesian language as “Munafik” but also i’ve always joked and changed the name into MoonaFridge. Just for fun.

Q: Who’s the one making your character?
A: The one who making my character is Nyori Mama, you can find it on my twitter, i also put her twitter in there.

Q: I heard you have a penguin plushie, what is his name?
A: His name is Pororo, you can see it but you can’t touch it. He’s mine.