Tsunomaki Watame角巻わため

“Hoof, hoof, helloof!” “Watame did nothing wrong!” first coined

Loves singing, and as she continued uploading song covers and having weekly singing streams titled "Watameh Night Fever!!," she started wanting to stand on Tokyo Budokan's stage someday.

Make sure you check out her Tsunomaki Rock Paper Scissors videos as well!



June 6
Debut Stream
December 29, 2019
151 cm
hololive 4th Generation
Live2D Designer
To hold a concert at the Budokan, and sing only original songs
To release lots of original albums
To sing a theme song for an anime
To try being a voice actor
To appear as a character in a game or anime
To have a tie-up event at a café
To have my own figure
To remain respectful to my parents and elders
And so much more, I can’t fit it all in!
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #ドドドライブ
Fan Art: #つのまきあーと
Clips: #わたわた動画
-An abbreviation of the weekly singing stream, “Watameh Night Fever!!”
Tsunomaki Rock Paper Scissors
-The Rock Paper Scissors segment of the Watame’s Song Corner series.
Hoof, hoof, hoof
-The contents of Watame’s second-ever tweet. It’s the sound of Watame running around.
It’s also used in her greetings as such, e.g. “Hoof, hoof, helloof!”
Watame No. 1
-Not sure how this stuck, but it really just means “Watame is number 1.” Probably. * Citation needed
Nowadays, it’s become a kind of slogan for her and her Watamates.
Hoof, hoof, helloof! I’m Tsunomaki Watame of hololive 4th gen!
I mainly do singing and game streams. I also take vocal lessons every week, because I just love singing that much!
I do relaxed, comfy streams, and I sometimes stream all night!
They’re perfect for watching before bed!
On weekend nights, I do a singing stream called “Watameh Night Fever!!”, so come sing and dance with us! Dance Dance Dance! Wooooooh!
I’m currently going all-out to make my dreams come true!
Let’s make it to Budokan together!!!!!!!!
Regular/Specialty Streams
Singing, comfy games streams
Eating, sleeping, playing, singing, getting 100% achievements/trophies
Potato chips (snacks), games, underarm sideboob, Wata-mates
Special Skills
Singing, respawning in 8 seconds, Horn Drill, putting on a gangimari (high on something-or-other) look
Fan Mark
🐏(sheep with horns)


Q: What are you holding?
A: self-playing harp.

Q: Which part of your activities do you put extra effort into?
A: Singing.


– 2019/12/29
Debut stream
– 2020/1/2
“Watame did nothing wrong!” first coined
– 2020/1/4~
Started uploading a few original songs
– 2020/2/3
First “Watame’s Song Corner”
– 2020/2/6
Finally upgraded terrible Internet connection
– 2020/6/6
– 2020/7/12
Revealed 3D outfit
Video of first original song Ai-mai Chocolate
– 2020/10/15
YouTube channel reached 500K subscribers
– 2020/10/24
Featured in VTuber compilation album IMAGINATION vol.3
– 2020/11/28
Performed in Cinderella switch ~let’s watch hololive together~ vol.3
– 2020/12/19
Released Ai-mai Chocolate on streaming platforms
– 2020/12/21-22
Performed in hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported by Bushiroad STAGE1
Performed in hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported by Bushiroad STAGE2
– 2020/12/29
Released 1st original album Watame’s Songs vol. 1 as part of 1st anniversary 3D stream
Uploaded second full original song Cloudy Sheep feat. Calliope Mori
– 2021/1/1
Revealed New Year’s outfit
– 2021/1/20-22
Forced to go on 3-day break