Himemori Luna姫森ルーナ

"Is evewyone heeere?"

The princess of Candy Kingdom.
She's affectionate and loves being pampered, but her butler often scolds her for acting too spoiled.
Her moon-shaped accessories are said to be the crest of a country in another world.


October 10
Debut Stream
January 4, 2020
140 cm
hololive 4th Generation
Kanzaki Hiro
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #なのらいぶ
Fan Art: #ルーナート


Q.How old are you?
-0 years owd.

Q.So you’re a baby?
-I’m a sexy adult pwincess!

Q.What musical instruments can you play?
-I pway the Electone and a wittle bit of the fwute (because I’m a pwincess).

Q.What subjects are you good at?
-I think I can wead kanji the best out of all the hololive members.

Q.Do you get short of breath easily?
-Since starting KAATSU twaining, I’ve gained a wot of stwength!

Q.What are your hobbies?
-When it gets warm outside, I do gardening (duwing winter, I stay indoors).


“Minna, oryu?” (“Are you there, everyone?”)
-When I’m cawwing out to my Lu-knights.

“Nan nanora?” (“What’s that all about?”)
-When I’m angwy at someone or something, like my Lu-knights or a game.

“Yare yare nanora.” (“Good gwief”)
-When I, Pwincess Luna, proved someone wrong and made them say they’re sowwy.

“Kusee nora.” (“This stinks.”)
-When encountewing something stinky in a stream.

“Ochi wa nee nora.” (“Thewe is no punchline.”)
-When people ask for a punchline but thewe isn’t one. I don’t just use this in my own stweams, but in collabs as well.

“Luna no kachii!” / “Nna-tan no kachii!” (“Victowy is mine!”)
-When I win at something.

“Nna-shoi!” (“Nna-hup!”)
-I use it when doing things like hitting an enemy when pwaying a game or jumping.
-My Lu-knights use it as a censor word when talking about something naughty. They also descwibe it as a “surge of joy coming stwaight from the heart.”

“Nnayuki” (“Nna Snow”)
-My vewsion of the song “Konayuki” (“Powder Snow”) by Remioromen.