Aki Rosenthalアキ・ローゼンタール

"Alona, everyone! This is Aki Rosenthal a.k.a. AkiRose!"

A girl who traveled from a different universe. She has hyper curiosity and dabbles in all sorts of things. Her trademark pigtails float due to some sort of supernatural power.



February 17
Debut Stream
June 1, 2018
162 cm
hololive 1st Generation
Azumi Akitake
An AkiRose in every household!
I wanna be able to meet everyone frequently using VR and AR technology!
I wanna try doing an entertainment show some day!
Fan Name
Rose Knights
Stream Tag: #アキびゅーわーるど
Fan Art: #アロ絵
I’d love to become your friendly neighborhood lady who makes your lives colorful! Let’s experience lots of things together!
Regular/Specialty Streams
Evening drinking chat, karaoke (lots of nostalgic songs), and Let’s Plays
People often ask me to stream
Horror game Let’s Plays by a professional screamer
ASMR Food Porn Streams
Hobbies/Special Skills
I love sake, cooking, and rhythm games!
Certified Aromatherapy Instructor
Belly dance!


Q: What’s your favorite drink?
A: Barley juice! (with karaage!)

Q: In your opinion, what do your fans love about you?
A: 1. Lovely voice 2. Clumsy aspects 3. Singing & Dancing 4. Personality 5. Mental Strength 6. Thighs 7. Drinking 8. Love towards the Rose Squad 9. Refined taste 10. “Amazing” Art

Q: Favorite music genres?
A: I really love ethnic music!

Words / Memes

Floating Twintails
― They’re actually an accessory extension with on-board AI that can freely transform. Their name is [Aik].

MukiRose Jump
― Refers to when I decide to make a big jump during concerts.

Akirose NO nose
― My nose isn’t really that visible, so people tease me about it.

NO! Thank you pineapple pizza!!
― I’ll never allow HOT pineapples on my pizza!

Welcome Member mugyu mugyu!!
― When you join my YouTube membership, both the Rose Squad and I will hug you.

― My unique greeting! When you drop by my stream, please try saying “Alona!”

ARAARA Goodboys&Girls !
― Take the good times with the bad.

Kanpai! Cheers!!
― The stream starts after I pop a cold one! Feel free to join in virtually!

Life Hanmyoumu
― Legendary sleeptalk that was born after I drank some really strong alcohol and fell asleep.

Omata senjuu kanon! / A thousand thanks for waiting!
― My go-to “Thanks for waiting” tweet when I start a stream.

Mana Charge!
― My source of energy = Mana. There may or may not be times where I eat my Rose Squad due to lack of mana.

Nom Nom Time
― Food and drinks will be vacuumed into my mouth.

Near-Future AI Robot Prototype AKIROSE Theory
― The theory that I’m actually a robot developed by a researcher and my half-elf memories are all fabricated (and that there may or may not be a manufacturer logo that resembles an apple on me).

Singing, dancing, drinking, cooking, lewd, muscles
― These come to mind when you think of me… apparently. I’m okay with that, actually.


– 2018/6/9
YouTube debut stream that failed (was mostly a horror stream)
– 2018/6/15
Premiered SHALLYS
– 2018/6/19
Started training drills for the Rose Squad. Began “amazing” art
– 2018/7/1
Stream where Rose Squad was spread throughout the world via AkiRose Airways
– 2018/7/7
Released first voice pack!
– 2018/8/1
New internet setup finished. Goodbye to crappy internet!
– 2018/8/4
Spoke about dreams during 5000 subscriber celebration
– 2018/8/25
Shortened name to AkiRose
– 2018/10/9
First cover video!Wistful Record [Tokino Sora x 40mP] / AkiRose cover
– 2018/10/10
Released first set of merch (handwritten)!
– 2018/11/22
Decided on the Rose Squad’s appearances
– 2018/12/5
Streaming hiatus due to hospitalization
– 2018/12/24
Premiered ASMR Situational Voicelines
– 2019/2/10
Comeback stream after being discharged
– 2019/2/17
First Birthday Celebration & New Outfit Reveal
– 2019/3/30
Streamed the purchase of an electronic drum set [its name is Bob]
– 2019/5/14
Legendary Karaage ASMR
– 2019/5/19
Midnight Gyoza ASMR
– 2019/6/2
1st Anniversary merch went on sale!
– 2019/6/29
First 3D Reveal concert
– 2019/8/4
Legendary Swimsuit 3D stream
– 2019/8/5
First ever sneeze on stream
– 2019/8/24
First Talk-Fes
– 2019/12/2
“Hedgehog?” trended due to my amazing art
– 2019/12/9
– 2019/12/25
Premiered kawaii ASMR music 360°VR MV”Nekoze Punch!!” [kAmP/AkiRose]
– 2020/1/1
Led charge for the New Years’ outfit reveal relay streams
– 2020/1/24
Performed in hololive 1st fes, “Nonstop Story”
– 2020/2/1
– 2020/2/14
Premiered kawaii ASMR music “Chocolate Pandemic” I’ll ship to your side [kAmP/AkiRose(hololive)]
– 2020/2/16
2nd Talk-Fes
– 2020/2/17
2nd birthday celebration
– 2020/3/26
YouTube channel reached 100K Subscribers
– 2020/6/12
Sleeptalking stream after falling asleep to strong alcohol
– 2020/6/23
YouTube channel reached 150K subscribers
– 2020/6/29
Premiered new SHALLYS!
– 2020/7/29
Live2D 2.0 reveal
– 2020/8/11
YouTube channel reached 200K subscribers
I’m really happy to have gotten more fans from overseas!
– 2020/8/28
YouTube channel reached 250K subscribers
– 2020/10/15
YouTube channel reached 300K subscribers
– 2020/12/3
YouTube channel reached 350K subscribers
– 2020/12/4
New outfit reveal stream
– 2020/12/22
Performed in hololive 2nd fes, Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad STAGE2
– 2021/1/9
YouTube channel reached 400K subscribers
– 2021/1/31
Performed in Vtuber Fes Japan 2021 DAY2
– 2021/2/4
Debuted on TV
– 2021/2/17
Reveal & sale of 2nd original single Heroine Audition
Performed in hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live. “Bloom,”
– 2021/3/17
Released 3D Birthday Celebration merch & Voice Pack
– 2021/3/24
YouTube channel reached 450K subscribers
– 2021/5/5
YouTube channel reached 500K subscribers