Airani Iofifteenアイラニ・イオフィフティーン

"IOFORIA~! OBISA!" "Pagi semua! I’m your beloved smart alien iofi from hololive Indonesia, nice to meet you!"

An alien princess who ran away from home and come to the earth and fell in love with earth’s culture, sometimes like to tease the viewers and being a nice iomama if her fans needs it. Sometimes got crazy over gacha game.



July 15
Debut Stream
April 12, 2020
150 ㎝
hololive Indonesia
Yano Mituki
Dreams & goals
HIT THAT 1M FANS! To communicate to many people around the world as much as possible and world domination!
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #ioLYFE
Fan Art: #ioarts
Meme: #iomemes
Fan Name: #IOFORIA
Halo! You can call me iofi, from hololive Indonesia! I’m your beloved smart alien who ran away from her home planet, I can be your friend or even family! Let’s have fun together, laugh together and spend the day together. Of if you’re tired I can do relaxing ASMR and give you some hadpats, nade nade~
Hobbies, Likes
GACHA! NO GACHA NO LIFE! Love rhythm game so much, can do one song over and over again just to get a full combo, can you count on how many times I retry a song? I’ve played almost every rhythm and gacha games possible on earth.
Regular/Specialty Streams
Really love to do a comfy stream of drawing and talking with fans.


Q: What are your motivation on learning other language??
― Because it’s fun and I was bored.

Q: Any tips on learning new language??
― You have to love the language first and find some motivation! And, don’t forget to have fun!

Q: Where is Airani??
― She’s there, you just don’t see it.

Q: Any new skills do you want to learn??
― Maybe the skills to obtain your heart? Hehe, to be honest I want to try some sports, like ice skating.

Q: Who do you love the most??
― It’s Mitsuki-mama, Raku-papa and you.

Q. Any recommended rituals before pulling a gacha??
― Try to say Moona’s name 100 times and pray to lord RNG for a better result.