Shirakami Fubuki白上フブキ

"Good foxy day! I'm Shirakami Fubuki!"

White-haired animal-eared otaku fox. She loves talking with people and will be happy if you give her the time of day. 
She aims to become a top otaku idol while enjoying each and every day.


October 5
Debut Stream
June 1, 2018
hololive 1st Generation/Gamers
Nagishiro Mito
Fan Name
Sukonbu (Su-Corn)/Friends
Stream Tag: #フブキCh
Fan Art: #絵フブキ
To perform in lots of concerts with the other members!
Release my own solo album.
Get my own Nendoroid.
Get more MC Experience.
Enjoy many things with all of my fans!
Snacks & Drinks During Streams
I love tea! Especially green tea.
I also like black tea and orange juice.
For food, I snack on gummies and jerky.


Q: Why is your fan mark a corn?
A: Well, foxes make a “Kon Kon” sound when they bark. It sounds pretty similar to “corn”, doesn’t it? In other words, it’s elementary, my dear.

Q: What kind of anime and manga do you like?
A: I watch and read things that are recommended to me first before I decide, so I actually like anything.
I hope everyone can tell me lots about their favorite things during my streams!

Q: What are FAMS and the 3 Stooges group that you usually collab with?
A:FAMS refers to the 4 members who let loose when it comes to horsing around or doing crazy schemes; Shirakami Fubuki, Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio, and Oozora Subaru!
There’s also OKFAMS where Nekomata Okayu and Inugami Korone join us, and there’s also even SMOK and other groups!The 6 of us hang out together a lot, so we’re really close with each other.
3 Stooges was formed when the members who love SoundHorizon; me, Shiranui Flare, and Tsunomaki Watame were brought together. We just vibed with each other and got really close.
I also upload song covers that I sung with them. They’re really great at singing!
We also do collab streams where we usually play horror games or watch movies together.
They tease me quite a lot, but that’s all part of the fun! They’re friends that I can collab with without worries!

Q: You sure you’re not a cat?
A: I’m a fox!
The cat jokes are fun when the viewers say “You’re a cat, ain’t ya!” when I do something cat-like or go “Nyaa!”
However, don’t take the cat jokes out of context! I’d be sad if you called me a cat out of the blue and would show my pro wrestling moves on you all!

Q: Who are Kurokami Fubuki and Vice-Manager Unicorn?
[Kurokami Fubuki]
Kuro-chan is an existence that’s like “another me”! We seem like the same person but are different people.
Her personality and speech are also completely different from mine.
Although she has a 3D body, she doesn’t have a 2D one, so she always appears in sprite form.
Her dream is to one day get her own 2D body.
Birthday: September 6
Favorite Drink: Cola
Favorite Food: Meat
Fan Name: Servants (Slaves)

[Vice-Manager Intelligence Unicorn]
Vice-Manager Unicorn is a corn that helps me out with stream related matters as well as give me advice for games.
Are they male? Female? There are a lot of theories floating around but they’re a corn, so they have no gender.
They sound more like a woman but they refer to themselves using “Boku.”
Favorite Drink: Fresh water

Q: Do you have any mascot characters?
Oruyanke, the bamboo shoot with fox ears.
Fubuchun, one of the GAMERS birds.
Miteiru, who’s always staring at you.
Fubzilla, who appeared in hologra.「フブラ

Q: What are words that you often use in your streams?
▼Hajimanbou & Hajimanta
Greetings for when I start a stream!
▼Ohakon, Hirukon, Yorukon
They’re greetings! There’s also “Good foxy day!”
▼ Otsukon
Parting message at the end of the stream.
▼ F & R.I.P.
Used when I get a Game Over in a game and such.
▼ Hi, Friends!
My signature greeting!
If you call me “Wife”, I’ll reply “Friends”!
There’s even a hybrid, called “WIFriends”!
▼~jai! or ~yanke!
Things I say out of habit.