Hiodoshi Ao

“My hobby is drawing. And my profession… is also drawing.”

A manga artist who loves solitude… or so the people around her think.
She tries to play herself off as cool and aloof, but beyond the surface she is quite the otaku.
She cares a lot about how she is perceived, which is why she is always dressed immaculately in public.
How she is at home, though… is a Pandora’s box.
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Otonose Kanade

“I’m here to take my stage!”

An aspiring musician, whose life also has ups and downs like a crescendo.
Music is always by her side.
She wears her heart on her sleeve and is capable of putting incredible amounts of effort into the things she enjoys.
On the other hand, anything she dislikes immediately puts a frown on her face, showing she still retains a childish side.
However, she can be bribed with good food…
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Ichijou Ririka

“Whatever you need, Ichijou Ririka is success, guaranteed!”

An enterprising entrepreneur on the up-and-up.
She started her company on a complete whim, but things seem to be going well so far.
She has excellent people skills and is an excellent communicator, which allows her to handle transactions with foreign companies by herself.
Her secret to success is a good night’s sleep.
Meanwhile, she has quite the unruly side when it comes to her private life, and she can be quite lacking when it comes to chores around the home.
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Juufuutei Raden

“Care to join me on a journey through a tale?”

A grandma’s girl who covers herself in both tradition and revolution, and sees big dreams in the rakugo world.
She loves arts and culture of all kinds—new and old, Eastern and Western.
She visits museums so often that she is left penny-pinching the rest of the time. It is most certainly not due to her frequent purchases of alcohol.
Through her encounter with rakugo, she has come to enjoy public speaking more than ever, and she is fervishly writing up her own skits.
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Todoroki Hajime

“Bam! …Wow, that actually sounds kinda badass!”

A jane-of-all-trades seeking to be the #1 badass in the universe.
Why the universe? Why “badass”? Nobody knows.
She’s the restless sort and, to no surprise, enjoys physical activities.
Also to no surprise, she’s not good with tools and equipment, meaning she’s a disaster-class in cooking.
Her trusty partner Banpen teaches her every day about how to be a badass.
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The ReGLOSS members’ usual hangout: the live music club “ChouVeryBad.”
Once home to nearly daily live shows, only the echoes of that past prosperity remains. Today, the stage sits empty and gathering dust.