2021.08.30 hololive Launches New Official Website

COVER Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Motoaki Tanigo) announces the launch of a brand-new website for hololive.

hololive is an all-female Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) group, part of hololive Production—a talent agency run by COVER. hololive features more than 40 talents from across the globe, and boasts a strong fan and viewer base both within Japan and overseas. In recent times, it has gone on to accrue about 50 million subscribers in total across all of its YouTube channels.。

The company has recently decided to launch a standalone website for hololive, apart from the existing hololive Production official website. It features a reworked design plus site map and aims to be a more accessible resource to those interested in the group, containing various pieces of information they might like to know.

Furthermore, the content on the site also features contributions from the talents themselves.

We hope that our audience will take this chance, and the time, to visit the new website.

■ hololive Official Website



*Please note:
We will continue to run the existing websites for hololive Production and its all-male group, holostars. You may visit them using the following links.
■ hololive Production Official Website

■ holostars Official Website