Nekomata Okayu猫又おかゆ

"Om, nom, Okayu!"

A cat being raised by an old woman that runs an onigiri store. She streams from the computer in her grandma's room.



February 22
Debut Stream
April 6, 2019
152 cm
hololive GAMERS
Kamioka Chiroru
I joined hololive purely out of my love for gaming, but in my time spent with the people I love so much, I’ve gained so much more I would like to do!
I’ll enjoy each day to the maximum, singing, dancing, and gaming included!
I want to present a true-to-life version of myself and be all lovey-dovey with my fans.
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #生おかゆ
Fan Art: #絵かゆ
Om nom, Okayu! Nekomata Okayu here!
I enjoy my life, usually live streaming games, singing songs, et cetera.
My fans call me the all-affirming cat, and sometimes the “guilty” cat, for whatever reason…
It’s hard to tell what I’m really like from just that, huh? So come watch me in person! See you there!
・Games (Let me list out detailed preferences)
I like roguelikes, RPGs, simulation games, and retro games.

I studied up on it after I joined hololive and started singing more. It’s hard.

I spend my summers supporting a certain team.
(I took an interest in them because their mascot is cute)

・Intense Flirting
“Gross.” That one word gives me life.

Ochadzuke, tea, cat memes, hololive members, the Onigiryaa
Special Skills
Mimicry that’s about 70% there, ASMR, All-affirming (I do it so much, I’m a terrible straight man.)


Q. Do you have human ears?
A. I do not have human ears.

Q. What’s with the shady members-only streams?
A. They’re not shady. There’s nothing naughty involved.

Q. Why are the Onigiryaa wearing prisoner uniforms?
A. My crimes are crimes of the Onigiryaa as well.
It’s a hangover from back when I was playing pranks all the time.
But in time, I stopped doing that, leaving only the Onigiryaa in jail.
All’s well that ends well.

Q. Why did you list “intense flirting” as a hobby?
A. I wasn’t like this back when I joined.
But hololive, this women’s paradise, has changed my life irrevocably.
You should be careful too.

Q. What’s your favorite rice ball filling?
A. Green onion and tuna.

Catchphrases / Memes

– Temanyasu (Actual name: Temari)
My cat. Female. Tsundere. Her nickname changes frequently.
Temari -> Temanyan -> Nyasu-chan -> Nyasuko -> Nyachos -> Nyasu -> Nyanyan

– Koji (Actual name: Kojirou)
My other cat. Male. Idiot. Always winning.

– Okanyan
Initially a nickname given to me by Houshou Marine.
Before long, it’d become the name of a monster (mascot) birthed by hologra.

– Why not just pick me?
I said this while Murasaki Shion was talking about her ideal partner.