Advent is a group of criminals that escaped from The Cell.
It consists of Shiori Novella, Nerissa Ravencroft, Koseki Bijou, Fuwawa Abyssgard, and Mococo Abyssgard, who were all imprisoned for various reasons.
However, they escaped from The Cell to achieve one shared goal: to rebel against the world, their destinies, and their monotonous lives.


[The Archiver]
Shiori Novella

“Don’t you think that’s a wonderful story?”

Driven by her thirst for knowledge, Shiori Novella is “The Archiver.”
She turns her favorite stories and treasured memories into bookmarks and saves them.
By misfortune, she was found to have obtained forbidden knowledge within one of her stories and was imprisoned. But to her, that experience itself is but a fascinating story. In order to continue her search for more stories, she planned and executed a prison break.
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[The Jewel of Emotions]
Koseki Bijou

“I hope you’ll feel my radiance!”

Formed from the crystallization of all forms of human emotion, Koseki Bijou is “The Jewel of Emotions.”
Over years and years, emotions of beauty and filth alike have woven into her under immense pressure, resulting in an unmatched brilliance.
Her ancient, mystic brilliance caused strife between the masses of the greedy, who fought over ownership of her. This led to her being imprisoned in secrecy, far from the reach of humans.
It seems as though when she encounters people, and particularly their good emotions, her radiance shines even brighter.
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[The Demon of Sound]
Nerissa Ravencroft

“Ah, the beautiful resonance of idol songs…”

With a deep love of song, Nerissa Ravencroft is “The Demon of Sound.”
Her powerful love turned into a dark power that inhabited her singing, giving her music the potential to drive the entire world mad. The gods, fearful of her beautiful voice, decided to seal her away for eternity, but this did not seal away her desire to sing for others. While she was sealed away, she came across Japanese otaku culture, and is currently fascinated by idol songs and penlights. Maybe her life imprisoned wasn’t all that bad.
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[The Fluffy One]
Fuwawa Abyssgard

“How about we get you all nice and fluffy~?”

The fluffy older twin sister of The Demonic Guard Dogs, who were sealed away in The Cell for being a pain in the godly behind, Fuwawa Abyssgard is “The Fluffy One.”
Her duty is to calmly look after her younger twin sister Mococo and their pet Pero, but that calmness can be short-lived.
Ultimately, she is a bouncy and boisterous girl who loves to chat and play.
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[The Fuzzy One]
Mococo Abyssgard

“Ehehe, it’s play time, whether you’re ready or not!”

The fuzzy younger twin sister of The Demonic Guard Dogs, who were sealed away in The Cell for being a pain in the godly behind, Mococo Abyssgard is “The Fuzzy One.”
The rambunctious Mococo spent all her time imprisoned watching anime and playing games, often roping her older twin sister Fuwawa and their pet Pero in for more chaotic antics.
It’s rumored that she took part in the prison break just for the heck of it.
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・Shiori Novella
July 29th,20:00 PDT / July 30th,12:00 JST

・Koseki Bijou
July 29th,20:45 PDT / July 30th,12:45 JST

・Nerissa Ravencroft
July 30th,20:00 PDT / July 31st,12:00 JST

・Fuwawa / Mococo Abyssgard
July 30th,20:45 PDT / July 31st,12:45 JST

・hololive English -Advent- Collaboration Stream
July 30th,21:30 PDT / July 31st,13:30 JST


The Cell

The Cell is a great prison where the members of Advent were imprisoned. It is said to be somewhere deep underground within this world, but its exact location is unknown.
It exists to seal away not only people, but anything deemed to be untouchable.