2021.09.01 A Report on Anti-Harassment Measures Taken on Behalf of Company Talents

Thank you very much for your continued support of hololive Production.

COVER Corporation, through its legal representative, has taken measures against the harassment of its talents. We would like to report the following two cases as resolved as of September 1, 2021.

[Target / Date Settled / Details / Measures Taken]
・Talent A / February 2 / Posting of libelous comments / Resolved via settlement
・Talent B / June 10 / Posting of malicious edits of images infringing copyright / Resolved via settlement
* The names of the talent as well as the related parties, and the settlement amounts, will not be disclosed as per the terms of the settlements and our privacy policy.

COVER Corporation strives to ensure swift action against harassment over platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and anonymous message boards, as well as to strengthen cooperation with law enforcement. Furthermore, the general public may send their reports via our form below.

COVER Corporation Harassment Report Form:https://cover-corp.com/report/

We may take legal measures (such as information disclosure requests) for particularly severe cases.

We hope to continue our anti-harassment measures so we may maintain a fun and safe space for both our talents and the fans.

COVER Corporation
Wednesday, September 1, 2021