AZKi Re:Creating world


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AZKi’s long-awaited second album, it is the product of her efforts during the
unprecedented worldwide situation in 2020. Exactly as the title suggests, it is an album
that embodies her desire to stand strong no matter what happens, and her determination
to take to the stage and recreate this world into a better place for others.DOWNLOAD and STREAMING links here!

Track List

01. 運命の在処
02. Eternity Bright
03. petal dance
04. ローテート・リピーテッド
05. 止まない雨
06. 青い夢
07. 光
08. タイムカプセル
09. 猫ならばいける
10. 発光体ソーラーサイクル
11. in this world
・Creating world 2020ver.
・青い夢 アコースティックver.