Tokino Sora ON STAGE!


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As suggested by its name, this album, “ON STAGE!”, was a big step towards Sora realizing her dream of having her first solo concert on the stage of the Yokohama Arena. This album is packed full of her passion and memories shared with her “Soratomo” (Tokino Sora’s
name for her fans), and is an album that shines with Sora’s character, showcasing her
desire not just to realize her dream of standing on that stage, but to stand there
together with everyone who had supported her along the way.
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Track List

01. Step and Go!!
02. Chu-Chu-Lu
03. リア/リモシンパサイザー
04. ブルーベリームーン
05. 空祭り
06. ぐるぐる・ラブストーリー
07.マイオドレ!舞舞タイム キノシタ feat. そらみこ(ときのそら&さくらみこ)