Tokino Sora My Loving


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This album includes songs such as “Furee Furee Love”, which was composed by Tada
Shinya and released in advance as a single; “Setsunatheque Code”, a collaboration work
together with INoNaKa Music’s powerful and stylish VSinger AZKi; “Wonderland”, which is a song with a cute, energetic and pop feel that is filled with Sora’s feelings of wanting to
be with her “Soratomo” (Tokino Sora’s name for her fans) forever; and other songs like
“Yukkuri Hashireba Kaze wa Fuku”, for a total of 6 tracks all of which will lure you into
Tokino Sora’s world.
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Track List

ときのそら×AZKi 初オリジナルコラボソング!!「刹那ティックコード」、配信シングル「フレーフレーLOVE」を含む、全6曲収録!

01. Equation of Love
02. Wonderland
03. サヨナラブロッサム
04. 刹那ティックコード
05. フレーフレーLOVE
06. ゆっくり走れば風は吹く