Tokino Sora Dreaming!


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This debut album was Tokino Sora’s first step towards her big dream of performing at the
Yokohama Arena. The album is packed full of Tokino Sora original songs, and a special
limited first edition was also released.
The track “Blend Caravan” was created by Watanabe Sho, who has also been involved in
the production of many other hit songs. The song perfectly embodies Tokino Sora’s positive character and overflowing cheerfulness, as she heads down this new path of being a
VTuber idol; and could even be considered as one of her theme songs.
Other songs on the album include “Miren Record” by popular Vocaloid produced 40mP,
“Sonna Ame no Hi ni wa” by up and coming artist Harumaki Gohan, songs by other
well-known Vocaloid producers, and even songs written for her by her fans (known as
“Soratomo”), for a total of 15 tracks.
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Track List

01. Dream☆Story
02. ヒロイック・ヒロイン
03. コトバカゼ
04. ほしのふるにわ
05. 冴えない自分にラブソングを
06. IMAGE source
07. ブレンドキャラバン
08. 未練レコード
09. 海より深い空の下
10. そんな雨の日には
11. メトロナイト
12. Wandering Days
13. 好き、泣いちゃいそうだ
14. おかえり
15.夢色アスタリスク(Dreaming! ver.)