I wanna create fan works!

Please check the“Fan Work Guidelines

I wanna send presents to the talents!

■About presents
Presents for members of Hololive Production should be sent to the following address.
*Please do not bring it directly to the address in person.

Present for: (talent’s name)
COVER Corporation
Net Depot Shin-Itabashi
1-6-1 Kaga
Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Postal/ZIP Code: 173-0003

■Items we accept regularly (Sending directly from home is OK)
– Fan letters
– Message cards/boards
* For other types of presents, please wait for our announcements on events such as birthdays.
 Please check the official Twitter for further announcements. ( https://twitter.com/hololive_En )

■Items we can not accept in general
– ALL second hand/used/opened up items that do NOT directly deliver from e-commerce sites such as Amazon (excluding fan letters and message cards)

– Luxury items (individual items which cost more than 30,000 yen)
– Living beings or raw items (including fresh flowers, except flower stands for specified venues and events)
– Items requiring refrigeration
– Handmade items (excluding fan letters and message cards)
– All sorts of stuffed toys, dolls, cushions (no exceptions)
– Currencies (cash, gift cards, coupons, tickets, etc.)
– Cosmetics, perfumes, soap, medicines, etc.
– Dangerous goods (explosives, knives/weapons, drugs, imitation swords, model guns, etc.)
– Clothes, underwear (Scarves, gloves, socks, and blankets are OK)
– Amulets, talismans, charms (items related to religion, politics, or ideological expressions)
– Large items (sizes where the talents would find it impossible to carry home alone)
– Pet supplies
– Items that may violate public order and moral
– Items that may violate laws and regulations
– Additional items (the authorities will perform final confirmation and judgment)
■Items that require contact beforehand
– Doujinshi goods
– Fan-made goods
We may dispose of items if sent without prior contact.
– We may still not be able to hand over all gifts after confirmation and judgment from the authorities.
– We will only confirm items immediately if sent from electronic commerce sites
(If items have been redelivered from one’s home, we will not count this as direct delivery, hence not accepting the items.)
(For direct delivery from electronic commerce sites, make sure to state one’s own phone number.)
– Boxes which are opened will count as used/second hand.
Immediate disposal will be executed if the items are unacceptable or may violate the rules and regulations.
We will not answer or update status on the package’s status. Please make sure to check that from the delivery sites.
Greatly delayed packages may not be accepted and result in disposal.

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