hololive, hololive Indonesia, hololive English,
and hololive DEV_IS are VTuber groups under the VTuber company hololive production,
with a combined total of 70 million fans on YouTube.

Our Talents

Live Streaming

-YouTube Live Streams (2D)
Enjoy the wide variety of live streams we offer, such as gaming, singing, chatting, and collaboration streams.

-YouTube Live Streams (3D)
Using high-quality 3D characters, we provide online live concerts and themed live streams.

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3D Animation and Variety Videos

We broadcast the weekly 3D animation “holo no graffiti” that showcases the daily lives of the talents, in addition to variety programs that bring out the talents’ charm not ordinarily seen in their usual streams.

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Mixed Media

We release stories featuring hololive VTubers across various media.

We plan to continue to release a wide range of media, including the mixed media project “hololive Alternative,” set in the alternative world called “Holoearth.”

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