2021.09.06 [Merch] hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP Now Open!

The hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP is officially open as of today, Monday, September 6th, 2021. Various hololive production-related products including talent-themed merchandise, voice packs, and concert merchandise will be available at this store.

More products will be available via the hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP as they become available. The merchandise from the “hololive Summer Festival x atre Akihabara” event, held earlier this year from Sunday, August 1st, will also be available on the online store, so please check it out.

We hope that we will be able to make hololive production-related merchandise available to as many fans and customers as possible via our new hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP.

“hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP” Details

■ Commencement Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021, 12 PM
■ Site Name: hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP
■ Site URL: https://shop.hololivepro.com/

■ Inquiries:


* Unavailable to overseas customers
* Please check the Q&A section for answers to frequently asked questions, including those regarding delivery and returns

“hololive Summer Festival x atre Akihabara” will be making a comeback via the online store!

In order to celebrate the opening of the hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP, we are bringing back the merchandise from the “hololive Summer Festival x atre Akihabara” event, held earlier this year from Sunday, August 1st. If you were unable to come to atre Akihabara in person, please take this opportunity to check out these products.

* Only a limited number of products will be sold for this rerun. The shipping date may differ between products. Please check each product page before making your purchase.
* Actual shipping dates may differ slightly from listed shipping dates depending on stock availability.

In regards to registration to the “hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP”

You will be able to shop on “hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP” after registering as a member.
Click here to register to “hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP”!

For merchandise-related announcements, please check out the announcements section of the shop’s website.
Future announcements regarding this service will be announced via press releases and our official Twitter accounts.

In Regards To Future Sales Platforms

hololive production-related goods that are currently being sold on BOOTH will continue to be sold there, and will not be moved to the hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP. For the time being, new products will be available from both BOOTH and the hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP.

At this point in time:
* Existing products on sale before September 6th will continue to be sold via BOOTH
* New products and reruns on sale after September 6th will be available from either BOOTH or the new official shop
* Please check the relevant announcement for details of which platform that products will be available from.
Please take note of the above when purchasing merchandise.