Tsunomaki Watame, Natsuiro Matsuri IMAGINATION vol.3


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The third volume of the “IMAGINATION” series of VTuber compilation albums. The
catchphrase for the album is “yell for you ~step forward to tomorrow!~” and the concept of the album is to bring energy to everyone who listens to it. Each VTuber selected a J-POP or anime song to sing based on this theme, for a total of 13 cover tracks. The album was
arranged by Yuasa Junji, who works as the A&R chief producer of AKB48, and album art
was drawn by Hanekoto. hololive members Tsunomaki Watame and Natsuiro Matsuri
feature on this album.
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Track List

01. スターラブレイション / 愛宮みるく02. 気分上々↑↑ / 鈴鹿詩子
03. ね~え? / 周防パトラ
04. そばかす / 鈴原るる
05. GLAMOROUS SKY / 宗谷いちか
06. 恋のつぼみ / 角巻わため
07. 風吹けば恋 / 夏色まつり
08. I WISH / 犬山たまき
09. じょいふる / 愛宮みるく&鈴鹿詩子
10. もってけ!セーラーふく / 周防パトラ&鈴原るる
11. 365日の紙飛行機 / 犬山たまき&夏色まつり
12. 走れ! / 宗谷いちか&角巻わため