SorAZ Kurenai Kuronikuru


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Another SorAZ original song, following “Setsunatheque Code”.
The album also includes solo versions of the track by both Tokino Sora and AZKi. AZKi
wrote the lyrics, composed the song, and directed it, while arrangement was done by
RD-Sounds, who wrote one of AZKi’s song previous songs, “without U”.
This is Tokino Sora’s first attempt at a song with a cool vibe, and gives us a fresh glimpse
of her music. You can also hear plenty of behind-the-scenes talks and watch the music
video together with SorAZ at 【制作秘話!?】『紅藍クロニクル』リリース記念配信」.
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Track List

01. Kurenai Kuronikuru / SorAZ
02. Kurenai Kuronikuru / Tokino Sor
03. Kurenai Kuronikuru / AZKi
04. Kurenai Kuronikuru (Instrumental)