Sakura Miko & Houshou Marine & AZKi Poppin Kiss


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An album for the PC game “AIKISS2” which features 10 tracks including the opening theme of the game, “Kiss me! Choose me!”. It includes solo versions of “Kiss me! Choose me!”
sung by Houshou Marine, Sakura Miko, and AZKi.
This is a tie-up between I’ve, hololive, and Giga as part of I’ve’s 20th anniversary project
and consists of covers of various popular songs by hololive artists, and the “AIKISS2”
ending theme.
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Track List

01. Kiss me! Choose me! / by AZKi, Houshou Marine, Sakura Miko
02. Sakuranbo Kissu ~bakuhatsu da mo n~ covered by Houshou Marine
03. Leaf ticket covered by AZKi
04. as × sist ~amaebetana watashinarini~ covered by Sakura Miko
05. Cream+Mint covered by AZKi
06. allegretto ~Sora to kimi~ covered by Sakura Miko
07. jihad covered by 漆原莉子
08. Kiss me! Choose me! Sakura Miko solo ver.
09. Kiss me! Choose me! Houshou Marine solo ver.
10. Kiss me! Choose me! AZKi solo ver.