Yozora Mel夜空メル

"Sweet bites! It's Yozora Mel, the Underworld's vampire prodigy!"

A vampire prodigy from the Underworld. She might be a vampire, but she is not into blood. She likes her acerola juice quite a lot.



October 31
Debut Stream
May 13, 2018
154 cm
hololive 1st Generation
To grow into an idol who can sing, dance, and move people’s hearts!
And have my own solo concert!
Fan Name
Stream Tag: #メル生放送
Fan Art: #メルArt
Kapu-min: Name given to Mel’s fans. “Kapu” is the onomatopoeia for nibbling, while the suffix “-min” means “group of people.”
Obake-chan: Mel’s familiar.
BANpire: Nickname given to Mel after she was temporarily banned four times during her comeback stream.
Sweet bites! I’m Yozora Mel, a student girl who lives in the Underworld! ♪
I love humans! If you get too close to me… I’ll nibble at you!
Regular Streams
Gaming streams
Video games, singing, chatting, anime, and manga
Acerola juice and meat


Q: Why do you “nibble”?
A: I’m a vampire but I’m not into blood! So, instead, I like gently nibbling things like people’s soft upper arms!

Q: You are a vampire, and yet sunlight doesn’t bother you?
A: We indeed have to be careful with things like crucifixes, garlic, or sunlight. But the Underworld also keeps evolving, and there are now medicines and magic to protect ourselves. That’s why sunlight isn’t an issue for me.

Q: Why does your hair suddenly grow out sometimes?
A: I’m a vampire prodigy, so I have a lot of magic power stored inside me, yeah? ♪


– 2018/5/3
Debuted as a member of hololive 1st Generation
– 2018/5/13
Debut stream
– 2018/8/26
Stream celebrating 10K subscribers
– 2019/4/2
3D model reveal
– 2019/5/24
Streamed voice drama with nine actors performing a self-written script
– 2019/6/30
Hosted VTuber Heart-racing ♥ Lines Tournament: ~June bride~
– 2019/8/23
Swimsuit outfit reveal
– 2019/8/24
Participated in Let’s Meet! Let’s Talk! VTuber Chatting Summer Festival 2019
– 2019.8.24
Performed in hololive on Stage: Daydream
– 2020/1/1
New Year’s outfit reveal stream
– 2020/1/24
Performed in hololive’s 1st fes. “Non-stop Story”
– 2020/1/29
YouTube channel reached 100K Subscribers
– 2020/6/24
Got banned four times during her comeback stream
People started calling her “BAN-pire”
– 2020/7/19
YouTube channel reached 200K subscribers
– 2020/7/20
Cooking with VTuber Chips stream
– 2020/8/1
New Live2D model reveal
– 2020/8/28
New Outfit Reveal Stream
– 2020/7/19
YouTube channel reached 300K subscribers
– 2020/10/31
Birthday 3D Stream
– 2020/12/21
Performed in hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad STAGE1
– 2021/1/21
YouTube channel reached 400K subscribers
– 2021/1/31
Performed in VTuber Fes Japan 2021 DAY2
– 2021/2/17
Performed in hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live. “Bloom,”